The 2020 Seat is the only seat that addresses all the causes and effects of persistent standing

Persistent Standing

The 2020 Seat is the only seat that addresses all the causes and effects of persistent standing.

Enhanced Comfort

Enjoy an enhanced level of comfort as the seats are fitted with armrests and footrests.


Approved for use in any stadium, including those in the Premier and EFL Championship Leagues.

About Us

The new 2020 Seat has been developed by Noel Jeffs and Michael Cunnah who have over 40 years combined stadium management experience gained at a senior management level at Wembley Stadium, Aston Villa Football Club, Galatasaray Sport Kulubu, Turkey and Al Ain FC, UAE.

Noel, following his tenure as the Stadium Director for the new Wembey Stadium, formed Stadium Advisory Services Ltd., which provides design and operational management advice to numerous clients working on high profile international stadium projects.

A a qualified safety officer, Noel gained extensive crowd safety management and customer service experience associated with operating high capacity, high profile stadia staging sports events often facing the challenges of managing the causes and effects of persistent standing.

This experience combined with his time operating Turk Telekom Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey, with over 22,000 plus Galatasaray fans standing behind conventional height seats incorporating low barriers made him realise that neither management solutions nor low barriers behind conventional height seats would ever resolve the fundamental issue that when one fan stands, others have to because their views become restricted to the extent that their whole match day experience and safety are compromised.

Michael has been in the sports industry for over 20 years. In 1998 he joined the Football Association in London as Finance Director and three years later stepped up to be the CEO of Wembley Stadium. In this role he managed the redevelopment of the English National Stadium overseeing the financing, commercial, construction and operational development of the stadium business. Wembley is now one of the best stadiums in the world and achieved the most successful sports hospitality programme ever, generating around £500m from the Club Wembley programme. Later Michael joined Aston Villa and, more recently, was a founding partner in ISPORTCONNECT, a global network of sports businesses, and has advised many football clubs particularly in the subject of stadium development.

Noel and Michael came together and formed 2020 Seating Limited in 2016. Using his operational experience Noel designed the 2020 seat for the specific purpose of solving the previously intractable problem of persistent standing in stadia. Further development of the seat has brought other benefits notably the inclusion of the disabled into any area of the stadium, better sight-lines for everyone, particularly shorter people, and greater safety for all.

Our view is that fans will sit and stand throughout an event, particularly at moments of excitement, which is supported by the findings of recent fan surveys carried out by the Premier League and EFL. These surveys found that the majority of fans want the choice to sit or stand, although our belief is that everyone does both anyway and should be comfortable and safe in either mode.

In 2018 the Sports Grounds Safety Authority(SGSA) approved the 2020 Seat, as a seat,for use in any stadium, including those in the Premier League, the EFL Championship League, Wembley Stadium and Principality Stadium, where they have to comply with the government’s ‘all seater’ stadium policy and also confirmed its compliance with the 6th edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds.

In 2018 we teamed up with Alderdale Seating, who bring with them a wealth of industry experience and a complementary range of stadia and arena seats, to manufacture and install the 2020 Seat on our behalf.

The choice to sit or stand

Persistent Standing

Since the introduction of the UK government’s ‘all seater’ stadium policy back in the mid 1990’s, persistent standing has blighted football, with no apparent management or design solution, which excludes fans, creates confrontation between fans and management alike, ruins fans’ match day experience but above all fans safety is being compromised.

There are many reported incidents of crowd collapses and of fans being injured when they surge or topple forward, unprotected, particularly during goal celebrations but many more go unreported.

Recent Premier League and EFL fans’ surveys report that a majority of fans want the choice to sit or stand during matches and, from our experience, all fans will stand at some point in a match even if it is at moments of excitement, which the safety authorities and the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds publication acknowledges.

The UK’s Sports Ground Safety Authority has confirmed that the 2020 Seat fully complies with the government’s ‘all seater’ stadium policy therefore it can be installed in any stadium in England and Wales.

Used in any sports or entertainment venue

The 2020 Seat

The 2020 Seat is the only seat that not only addresses all the causes and effects of persistent standing but in doing so also creates an inherently safe environment that ensures the integration of ambulant disabled fans, those who can’t stand for long periods, young persons etc. into areas, for example, behind the goal that they are currently excluded from.

The ongoing development of the 2020 Seat has taken it from being a ‘stadium only seat’ to one that can be used in any sports or entertainment venue.

Our ongoing work with Arturus Architects LLP has highlighted that the use of the 2020 Seat could lead to a significant reduction in new build construction arising from a lower terrace height and angle.

In addition, the bespoke 2020 Seat installation in the Frank Adams Stand at Wycombe Wanderers Adams Park Stadium has proven to be a cost effective solution to reprofiling old standing terrace, with conventional height seats, to a high standard of seated accommodation with enhanced levels of comfort, sight-lines and viewing standards which has avoided the cost of demolition and reconstruction.

Wycombe Wanderers fans now have the choice to sit or stand side by side (because the Club are not required to comply with the government’s ‘all seater’ stadium policy) without adversely impacting each others match-day experience, levels of comfort or safety.

2020 Seat Technical Specification

The 2020 Seat’s elevated seat means that the eye level of fans who sit or stand are the same and as they are installed in a theatre style layout, with off-set seat centres in alternate rows , no fans are standing directly in front of one another which improves their sight-lines and viewing standards.

Fans will also enjoy an enhanced level of comfort as the seats are fitted with armrests and footrests and there are design options for ambulant disabled fans.

The 2020 Seat’s technical specification is compliant with the 6th edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds and which incorporates various European Standards including EN 13200-1 Spectator facilities; General characteristics for spectator viewing, EN 13200-3 Separating Elements etc. and is bespoke to fit any stadium terrace profile.

Seat width:Minimum 0.46m
Seat height:0.8m above the tread
Eye level - for c value calculation:1.6m above the datum for both standing and seated fans
Guardrail height:1.1m above the tread
Design loads:Combined 2kN/m horizontal imposed deign load plus 2kN/m super-imposed load i.e. 2 fans applying a force to the guardrail simultaneously with 2 fans sitting on seats
Retractable footrest/super-riser height:0.35m above the tread
Height between the footrest /super-riser and the seat:0.45m
Armrests:Fixed or retractable
Seat type:Plastic or upholstered, colour matched with existing seats or club colours
Frame finish:Nylon coated with colour options

Standard 2020 seat (Mk2)

2020 Easy Access Seat (Type 1)

There are two options based on the standard seat:

Option 1: with retractable armrests and footrest

2020 Easy Access Seat (Type 2)

Option 2: the fixed armrests are replaced with retractable armrests and a super-riser replaces the retractable footrest.

Case Studies

Wolverhampton Wanderes FC; Molineux Stadium

January 2019: 2020 Seats (Mk2) installed as a trial and fan consultation

Wycombe Wanderes FC; Adams Park Stadium

December 2018: 60 x 2020 Seats (Mk1) comprising of 15 seats for ambulant disabled fans licenced for use;

  • Reprofiling of standing terrace to seated accommodation by extend the treads
  • Ehanced c values, viewing standards and levels of comfort
  • Third party load testing completed
  • Stadium Advisory Services ( provided operational and crowd control management advice

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